The BeAI Economy


The BeAI AI-based learning platform ecosystem is fueled by two tokens. $BEAI is the project’s value token and offers multiple-use cases such as staking and governance. $xBeAI is a secondary token that’s pegged to $USDT and used to power the BeAI ecosystem as a convenient and secure medium of exchange.

What is $BEAI?

$BEAI is a BEP-20 token deployed on the BNB Smart Chain with a maximum supply of seven million tokens. It operates as the BeAI value token by offering the following use cases:
The $BEAI token is the best way to gain exposure to the BeAI platform and the success of its AI and machine learning solutions.
The $BEAI token offers governance options. Holders can participate in the BeAI community by proposing and voting on proposals relating to new features, upgrades, and protocol changes.
Liquidity Pool (LP) Staking
Providing liquidity for $BEAI trading pairs on decentralised exchanges are rewarded with $BEAI tokens.
Single Staking
The $BEAI token is the best way to gain exposure to the BeAI platform and the success of its AI and machine learning solutions.
$xBeAI Swaps
$BEAI can be swapped for $xBeAI utility tokens.

BeAI ($BEAI) Supply Growth Projection

The seven million $BEAI tokens are distributed based on a carefully curated tokenomics plan designed to create a stable demand-supply economy. Detailed unlock information and dates are available in the whitepaper.

BeAI ($BEAI) Exchange Listings

What is $xBeAI?

The $xBeAI is a utility token that can be used to pay for various services within the BeAI ecosystem. $xBeAI is essentially $1 worth of $BEAI. If a course costs $100, it can be paid for with 100 $xBeAI tokens. The amount of $xBeAI a user gets in exchange for $BEAI is determined by the market price. For example, if $BEAI is trading for $10, swapping 1 $BEAI into $xBeAI will give you 10 $xBeAI.

$xBeAI Utility

$xBeAI’s only use case is its central role in the BeAi ecosystem for payments of goods and services. Currently, the two AI products offered by BeAI are LearnAI and the ChatAI- AI chatbot, but more products will be released in the future that will likely leverage $xBeAI for payments.

Frequently Asked Questions

The $BEAI token has a maximum supply of seven million.
$BEAI tokens can be purchased using various trading pairs across a range of CEXs and DEXs.
You can buy $xBeAI by trading it for $BEAI tokens. As $xBeAI is pegged to $USDT 1:1, the amount you will receive per $BEAI token will depend on its price at the time of the transaction.
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