What Is an E-learning Platform and How Do I Choose One?

by admin, October 6, 2023

E-learning is becoming an increasingly popular choice of alternative education for students looking to build new skills and earn valuable certifications. Because not all platforms cater to the same demographic, choosing the right one for you can be challenging. Here, you’ll learn what an E-learning platform is and how to choose the right platform for your requirements.

What Is An E-Learning Platform?

A term you might come across in E-learning is Learning Management System (LMS). An LMS system administers online learning, stores documents, grades papers and tracks student data. While many LMS features form part of E-learning platforms, they aren’t the same thing. E-learning incorporates several features of LMS and then adds its own.

Beyond the standard LMS characteristics, E-learning sites incorporate interactive learning tools into their platforms in the form of virtual classes, webinars, discussion boards, and personal assistants. A more advanced E-learning platform like LearnAI goes even further by using AI and machine learning to create personalized courses and improve online courses through data analysis.

The educational content offered by these online platforms can cover any topic, including short online classes about specific skills like coding and broader topics about history or literature.

In summary, an E-learning platform is an online education space that gives educators the necessary tools to impart knowledge and students the ability to access the content with plenty of support and interactivity. Within the umbrella of E-learning, there are three different types to be aware of as a student.

Learning Management Systems (LMS)

We’ve already covered LLMs briefly. These management systems are used primarily as assistance in the physical classroom or as additional features on E-learning platforms. The system makes it easy to manage content, monitor progress, and provide student feedback. They’ve also become popular tools in corporate training programs where companies need to track employee training progress.

Massive Open Online Course (MOOCs)

MOOCs provide open access to online courses created by traditional educational institutions such as universities. The courses are generally not personalized but give you access to highly qualified instructors from some of the world’s leading schools, such as Stanford and Harvard.

Online Training and Education Marketplaces

Online education and training marketplaces are websites where content creators and online education companies post their courses. These websites offer a huge range of courses that vary in price, subject matter, and duration. They often come with built-in virtual classrooms, LMS, discussion forums and issue digital certificates for completing courses.

If you’re looking for a personalized learning experience with a virtual classroom that offers specific courses that help you learn and master skills, then an online E-learning marketplace is your best option. Before we explore how you can choose the best E-learning marketplace, let’s examine why these platforms can be better than using traditional learning methods.

The Benefits of E-Learning and Online Training

There are several benefits to choosing E-learning over traditional learning options. The fact that the market is valued at around $400 billion annually shows just how much demand digital learning generates.

Although the benefits of E-learning vary depending on the student, these are three of the most commonly cited:

1. Accessibility

E-learning platforms can be accessed anytime from anywhere using a computer, smartphone, or tablet. Learners can study when they want, meaning they can continue their professional and personal lives with minimal interference. The flexibility offered by E-learning is one of its biggest advantages, as it makes it far more accommodating to people with busy schedules than traditional learning.

2. Personalization

Personalization is generally lacking in the traditional learning space. However, the flexibility and technological capabilities of E-learning platforms mean their content can be adjusted to the needs of students and their specific learning styles. Effective personalized learning opens the door to a more enjoyable and effective learning experience.

3. Affordability

The cost of higher education has grown increasingly expensive, with specialized courses relating to the latest innovations, such as AI and big data, often coming at a premium. E-learning offers an affordable alternative. Users can easily manage how much they spend on courses, and due to the specialization of content, they can learn the specific skills they need for a reasonable price. It also makes upskilling professional teams more viable for companies on a budget.

E-learning can be accessed from anywhere, anytime, and on different devices.

How To Choose The Perfect E-Learning Platform

Once you’ve identified the type of E-learning platform that suits your needs, there are four things that you should consider before enrolling in your first course.

  • Evaluate Your Requirements: Consider what you’re looking to gain from E-learning. Are you a student looking to supplement your classes, a company that wants to train a team, or someone who plans to start a new career by mastering a new skill?
  • Features: Evaluate the features offered by the website in relation to your requirements. Look for assessment tools, vibrant virtual classrooms, analytics, mobile compatibility, collaborative systems, personalization, reliable digital diplomas, and interactive learning.
  • User Friendliness: A platform that’s easy to navigate with a familiar UI will make your learning experience more seamless and require you to spend less time studying the platform itself.
  • Student Support: Customer support is an important part of E-learning. Platforms that offer 24/7 support through conversational AI are generally better equipped to help students than those that rely solely on human agents.

LearnAI: An AI-Enhanced E-Learning Experience

LearnAI offers all of the core features you’ll find on other leading E-learning platforms, along with several extra capabilities that set it apart from the competition. LearnAI uses AI and machine learning to enhance the E-learning experience in several ways.

Personalized E-Learning and Training

LearnAI is an AI-based learning platform that leverages BeAI’s machine learning and artificial intelligence technology to create a truly personalized E-learning experience. The AI analyzes student data and feedback to detect learning habits and styles; it then leverages its understanding to adjust learning content to meet individual needs.

The machine learning features of the platform’s AI course creator work in tandem with academic content creators to generate personalized courses that adapt to a student’s learning style. The result is content that adjusts to students, giving them an unparalleled learning experience that can be accessed anywhere at any time.

The personalized learning function stretches beyond students to employees and employers. Upskilling and training courses on the LearnAI platform can be adjusted to meet the needs of companies that want to train their employees to master new skills or improve existing ones.

A Feature Rich Virtual Classroom

The LearnAI platform has an in-house virtual classroom that’s designed to fit the needs of academic content creators, instructors, and students. Interactive features that give the students a sense of participation improve the learning experience for students who want a change from the standard memorize and repeat model often used in traditional learning institutions.

24/7 Conversational AI Student Support

LearnAI students and content creators benefit from the 24/7 support of BeAI’s conversation AI chatbot. This AI customer support feature, ChatAI, uses natural language processing (NPL) and various AI technologies to create an assistant that can answer questions about the platform accurately in human-like conversations that effectively pick up on the user's needs. In addition, ChatAI has comprehensive onboarding abilities that help users get the most out of LearnAI through tailor-made tutorials.

Secure and Reliable Digital Certificates

The digital certification that you receive after completing a course is arguably one of the most important features of E-learning. Your certification shows employers and institutions that you’ve put the work in and mastered the skills covered by the course. The issue with standard digital certificates is that they can easily be manipulated and falsified. LearnAI leverages blockchain technology to reduce the danger of falsification.

By distributing and storing certificates on a blockchain, the ability of hackers or fraudsters to falsify certificates or edit existing ones is massively reduced, which makes your certificate more reliable and easier to verify.

Begin Your E-Learning Journey With LearnAI

You can begin your personalized E-learning experience by visiting the LearnAI marketplace and enrolling in your first course today.

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