LearnAI: Enhancing Online Education With Machine Learning and AI

by admin, September 29, 2023

LearnAI is an AI-based learning platform that uses self-learning AI and machine-learning solutions developed by BeAI for its online learning platform. The AI technology that drives the creation of LearnAI’s content results in educational experiences that are personalized to meet the needs of students and employees at an affordable price from the comfort of their homes or workplaces. 

Big Data Analytics and AI Education

At the core of the BeAI learning platform is the use of big data analytics. AI and machine learning operate like neural networks, finding patterns within student data and feedback. The patterns identified by LearnAI are based on massive data sets that a content creator alone simply can’t interpret. 

Content Creators and Big Data

The AI course creator works in tandem with academic E-learning content creators to build an AI-enhanced learning experience. The analysis of big data sets unlocks information about students and employees that would have otherwise been overlooked. BeAI’s machine learning and AI solutions can, in turn, tweak the learning program to improve results and student satisfaction. AI learning is about harnessing this technology to improve education and student satisfaction.

LearnAI and AI-Enhanced Content Creators

E-learning is booming. The market is projected to be worth over $300 billion this decade, and the best content creators stand to benefit. Leading content creators who are looking to stay ahead of the curve that the AI revolution is bringing to the field stand to benefit from working with the LearnAI platform in the following ways: 

  • AI-based Data Analysis: Content creators on the LearnAI platform improve their understanding of students through AI and machine learning data analysis, which can identify patterns in how students learn and interact with the courses.
  • Better Content: An improved understanding of your students allows you to create better content that meets expectations, potentially resulting in higher retention rates and improved reviews.
  • Revenue: Higher quality content has a higher market value, which could improve your revenue stream as an E-learning content provider.

Companies and the growing skills shortage

The skills shortage in the labor markets of almost every country in the world has been growing in the first two decades of this century. The Future of Jobs Report 2023 by the World Economic Forum found that nearly half of all workers need to upskill to do their current jobs effectively. While McKinsey & Company published a report claiming that over 80% of companies either struggle to recruit people with adequate skills or expect to struggle in the future. 

Companies, Employees and AI Learning

It’s clear that Companies need an effective upskilling platform more than ever if they want to remain competitive and avoid major skill shortages. Upskilling with BeAI’s streamlines the process in the following ways: 

  •  Cost: The cost of in-person higher education and training is often very high, whereas LearnAI offers affordable courses and subscription packages to companies and their employees.  
  • Focus: The AI and machine learning solutions created by BeAI generate a clear understanding of how a student's brain works during the learning process, which results in E-learning content that can focus directly on the targeted skills. 
  • Personalization: AI learning is guided using intelligence data dissected by LearnAI’s machine learning system to create a personalized E-learning experience where content adapts to the needs of students, unlike in the legacy system where students find themselves having to adapt to the learning process.

LearnAI and Your Future Career

The future of AI learning with LearnAI opens the door to new skills and employment opportunities for anyone with an internet connection and a few hours to spare. On the LearnAI platform, users can choose from online courses that cater directly to the most in-demand skills in the market, including coding, website development, big data analytics, and UX/UI design. 

Personalized, Convenient and Responsive AI Education

AI learning with LearnAI takes you on an educational journey that leverages BeAI’s technology to create E-learning content that caters to your needs directly. E-learning courses are personalized based on analysis of your learning patterns, leading to improved information retention and skill mastery. In addition, you can access the platform from anywhere at any time, resulting in an online space where high-quality, personalized, and affordable education is available at your fingertips. 

Improved Course Completion Rates With Incentivisation

Course completion rates in the E-learning space are often lower than in traditional educational settings. The LearnAI earn as you learn program is an incentive system that keeps students engaged with rewards throughout the duration of modules and courses. 

Digital Certificates You and Future Employers Can Trust

Although digital certification has become a common feature of many people's CVs, it's not without its shortcomings. Standard digital certificates issued as PDFs, often held on centralized servers, are open to manipulation and editing. As a result, many companies struggle to validate such certificates. 

LearnAI leverages blockchain technology to securely generate certificates on a decentralized network where they are far less likely to be manipulated. This creates certificates that the student can present confidently, knowing employees won’t doubt their authenticity. 

Blockchain technology is used by BeAI to protect E-learning certificates from falsification. 

The LearnAI Course Marketplace

The LearnAI course marketplace has been reimagined to be as easy to navigate and functional as possible. Courses can be filtered based on subjects such as big data and cybersecurity. They can then be further broken down based on duration, time, and ratings. 

The LearnAI E-learning marketplace. 

The courses are displayed in square tiles that show the title, number of lessons, rating, and cost. Once a student signs up for a course, they can track their progress, review and download their certificates in the My Courses section. 

The My Courses section on the LearnAI marketplace.

ChatAI: Helping You Learn Online

Being a newcomer to AI learning requires onboarding, and you’ll probably have many questions about how this brave new world of E-learning functions. BeAI created the ChatAI - AI chatbot to serve as an AI and machine learning-enhanced customer service agent. 

ChatAI helps LearnAI students and content creators maximize the potential of AI learning by offering a smooth onboarding experience, responding to questions quickly with natural language, analyzing data to improve responses, and generating the most effective FAQs. 

The future of artificial intelligence and AI learning

Since the launch of Chat GPT, the word ‘AI’ has become something of a buzzword. However, the opinion of academics, researchers, and tech companies is clear: the future of several core pillars of the global economy will be fundamentally impacted by AI. We have no reason to believe that education will be left out of this revolution. 

BeAI has identified the positive impact that AI and machine learning can have on education. The legacy system for higher education has become too expensive and inaccessible for many people, and E-learning based on AI input offers a viable alternative. LearnAI is an affordable, personal, adaptive, and consistent option for learning online regardless of where someone is from or what skill set they want to develop.

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